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Corneal Reshaping Therapy What is It and How Does It Work

If you’re tired of dealing with glasses and contact lenses, corneal reshaping therapy may be the solution. This innovative treatment can safely and effectively improve vision and reduce dependence on Read More

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: How to Prevent and Manage It with Optometry Care

How to Prevent and Manage Meibomian Gland Dysfunction With Optometry Care When your eyes frequently feel dry and irritated, you could have what is known as meibomian gland dysfunction. This condition Read More

Dry Eye Tips for Fall

Dry Eye Tips for Fall Your eyes need mucus, water, and oil to stay lubricated, but many factors can impact one or more of these components. Weather is one of these Read More

Signs You Might Have Cataracts

Signs You Might Have Cataracts If you're gradually realizing that you're having difficulty seeing and you're attributing it solely to aging, it's time to reconsider. You might actually be experiencing the Read More

Blepharitis FAQs

Blepharitis FAQs  Blepharitis is an eye condition that just about anyone can develop. Here at Andrew Stone Optometry, we can educate Columbia, MO, residents about the aforementioned condition so they can Read More

Is LASIK Surgery Right For You?

Is LASIK Surgery Right for You? If you no longer want to wear eyeglasses or contacts, you may be considering surgery to address your vision problem. LASIK surgery is one of Read More

How Safe Are Pediatric Eye Exams

If you’re preparing to take your child to see the eye doctor for the first time, you might be wondering if this visit will be safe – which is perfectly Read More

Epi-C Dry Eye Treatment

Feeling like there is a foreign body in your eye? It could be a symptom of dry eye syndrome. You may easily brush it off due to dry weather conditions, Read More

Benefits of Blue Light Blockers

People staying home during the pandemic has meant that a lot more people in Columbia, MO, including children, are spending a lot more time using computers, tablets, and TVs. This Read More

What is a Toric Contact Lens?

Contact lenses are used to treat a variety of vision issues, including myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. If you have astigmatism, which is an incorrect or imperfect curvature of the eyes, Read More

Sports Eye Safety

Tips for Sports Eye Safety Playing sports is a great way to exercise both body and mind. However, it can be hard on the eyes if you do not take the Read More

Smoking and Eye Health

If you are a smoker, you are probably aware of the risks smoking poses to your lungs. You may even think about how the smoke can age your skin. But Read More

Signs Your Child Might Have Vision Problems

Vision is an important part of children’s development. Much of what they learn about the world they will get through their vision. Making sure they are seeing as clearly as Read More

Contacts Lenses vs. Traditional Glasses

We rely on our five senses to navigate the world. If one of these senses isn't functioning correctly, it can significantly affect your overall well-being. That is why it is Read More


Glaucoma is a condition that occurs when the pressure in your eye increases, causing permanent damage to the optic nerve. It is one of the leading causes of blindness in Read More

Hard to Fit Contacts vs Regular Contacts

Hard to Fit Contacts vs Regular Contacts Andrew Stone Optometry is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best vision care possible. Dr. Stone is a skilled and compassionate optometrist with years Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 47 posts


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