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When you are suffering from eye allergies, you may notice your eyes swell or feel very itchy. When you rub your eyes because of the itchiness, you can cause red, puffy eyes. Whether you have seasonal allergies, or you experience a bee sting and an allergic reaction, we can help.

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Seasonal allergies can cause problems with your eyes in a number of ways. The pollen floating in the air is an irritant, and causes some people to have an allergic reaction. When your eyes are itchy, dry, red or watery, these are all signs that your eyes are irritated by something. Seasonal allergies can be the irritant, as well as environmental toxins that you are sensitive to.

There's no big reason why people have allergies. You can develop an eye allergy at any time, even if you have never had them before.

Causes of Eye Allergies

Eye allergies can occur after an insect sting, or after contact with pollen, dander, or really anything that irritates your eyes. If you never had to deal with eye allergies before, there could be excessive amounts of pollen that have triggered your reaction. Few people are truly never allergic to anything, and if you experience eye itchiness or swelling, this is not uncommon. If the symptoms get worse quickly, or you are having trouble with your vision, it's time to seek help.

Allergies can occur at any time in your life. Whether you have tried a new detergent and are experiencing irritation or you have been stung by a bee for the first time, you should identify any potential sources of your allergic reaction so that you can try to avoid them in the future. The best way to manage future allergic reactions is to avoid the trigger in the first place.

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