Low Vision Treatment in Columbia, MO

It’s important to identify your level of vision to ensure you can do the things that you love. Low vision occurs with many people, and it’s important to know how to adjust. Vision rehabilitation can help your eyes adjust. At Andrew Stone Optometry, we can work with you to receive the eye care that will make the greatest impact in your life.

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What is Low Vision?

There’s a big difference between poor vision that can be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses and low vision. With low vision is a form of sight loss that cannot be corrected using prescription eyeglasses or even surgery. While it doesn’t encompass full blindness, it can limit what you’re able to see.

The condition of low vision can vary based on how much sight loss you experience. With an eye care exam, it’s possible to use visual aids to offset the problem. Additionally, you may have a loss of sight in one or both eyes.

Often, it is categorized into two areas:

  • Partially sighted
  • Legally blind

With the help of an optometrist, it’s easy to identify the type of low vision you have and discuss what can be done to help you overcome some complications that occur due to the condition. You may have a blind spot in the center of your vision, hazy vision across your entire field of view, or even have night blindness where it can be difficult to see in poorly lit areas.

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

It’s important to prioritize eye care to ensure you hold onto your sight for as long as possible. While things, like eating a balanced diet and getting a good night’s sleep, can help, we also recommend a few other things:

  • Wear sunglasses when you go outside
  • Use sufficient lighting when you read
  • Adjust the lighting on your computer screen
  • Reduce the amount of blue light (from electronic devices) that you expose yourself to daily

Of course, one of the best ways to keep your eyes healthy is by scheduling an appointment with an optometrist every year. It will ensure that your eyes are being examined to identify any potential problems. Treating problems early can often help you from losing your vision later on.

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Often, eyesight will get worse over time if you don’t address problems early on. Focusing on eye care is easy with us at Andrew Stone Optometry. By making an optometry appointment with us in Columbia, MO, we can perform a full vision test, examine the health of your eyes, and explore solutions to help you with low vision. Call (573)445-7750 to book your appointment today!

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