Hyperopia in Columbia, MO

Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, is a common visual condition. If you can see objects in the distance clearly but struggle to see things close to you, you could be dealing with hyperopia. An eye exam is often enough to diagnose this condition. Andrew Stone Optometry in Columbia offers treatment options for farsightedness. If you think your vision is not as clear is needs to be, our eye doctor can help you diagnose the problem.


Causes of Hyperopia

Typically, hyperopia is congenital, meaning it is present at birth. In many cases, hyperopia has a genetic component. Hyperopia is a type of refractive error, which means that the cornea and the lens are not able to refract light properly. In the case of hyperopia, your eye may be too short, and your cornea may not be curved enough. This is something our eye doctor will be able to confirm during an exam.

Hyperopia Symptoms

If you are farsighted, you may notice that objects nearby are blurry, but things further away are quite clear. As a result, you may find yourself squinting to read items closer to your face, resulting in excessive eye strain. You may even notice physical symptoms, like burning or aching eyes after trying to read. Often, the symptoms come on slowly. If your vision declines very quickly, this could be a result of another serious problem. You should make an appointment with our eye doctor right away to ensure that the issue is hyperopia and not an eye emergency.

Treatment for Hyperopia

Farsightedness is typically treated with glasses or contact lenses. Our eye doctor will assess your vision during a routine exam to determine your prescription. You will be fitted for eyeglasses or contact lenses, and you will be advised to return for annual exams and prescription assessments in the future.

In some cases, surgery can correct hyperopia. Some people undergo laser surgery to improve their eyesight. This means that you may not require glasses or contact lenses in the future because the surgery can correct the root cause of the issue. Our Optometrists will determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.

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