Contact Lens Fittings

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

If you are on the prowl for a pair of contact lenses, you might not know what to expect during the process of getting fitted for a pair. You can contact Andrew Stone Optometry in Columbia, MO, to make an appointment so you can get it done. Here is what you can expect when you get fitted for your next pair of contact lenses. 


Your Eye History

It is essential to have any vital information about your eyes to discuss with our doctor before your appointment. If you are experiencing any current issues with your vision, it will be discussed in depth so we can address them as needed. 

Comprehensive Exam

Just like getting fitted for eyeglasses, a thorough exam is done to determine the health of your eyes. You can expect your eyes to be dilated to check for diseases, and you will undergo a visual acuity exam to assess the strength of your prescription.

Getting Fitted for Contact Lenses

While getting fitted for contact lenses is non-invasive, it does take a little longer than getting fitted for eyeglasses. By looking into eye instruments, your eye doctor assesses curvature in the cornea, pupil size, and so forth. These tests are important, so your contact lenses feel comfortable and will not move out of place.

Understand Contact Lens Care

Even if it is not your first time getting fitted for contact lenses, our eye doctor will make sure you know the proper care procedures. We will show you how to insert, remove, and keep them clean. You will also have choices of different types of lenses that meet your lifestyle, and our doctor can discuss these options in more detail with you on your appointment.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist in Columbia, MO

Do not hesitate to contact our office for your next eye appointment. When you are looking for an eye doctor near me to help with your contact lenses, reach out to Andrew Stone Optometry in Columbia, MO. Our team is here to get you fitted for the right set of contact lenses that meet your needs for comfort, lifestyle, and seeing clearly.

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