Hard to Fit Contacts

Contact lenses offer an alternative to wearing prescription glasses to improve your vision. For some people, however, the use of conventional soft contacts is difficult due to problems with their eyes. This is where hard to fit contact lenses come in. Hard to fit specialty contacts are designed for people with vision problems that conventional contacts cannot resolve. An evaluation by our Columbia, MO, eye doctor from Andrew Stone Optometry will determine if hard to fit contacts are a good choice for you. Our “Optometrists near me” is here to help. 

hard to fit contacts

About Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to fit specialty contacts are for people who cannot use conventional soft contacts to correct their sight. Our eye doctor may recommend hard to fit contact lenses if you have certain eye problems or conditions like:

●             Dry Eye

●             Astigmatism

●             Keratoconus

After performing a comprehensive eye exam, our Optometrists can recommend the contacts that will best meet your visual needs. Working with an optometry team can be essential to getting contacts that fit comfortably and function properly to give you clear sight.

Types of Conditions that Hard to Fit Contact Lenses Can Help with

Some examples of hard to fit contact lenses are rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contacts, scleral contacts, Toric contacts,  and hybrid contacts. We’ll help you choose contacts specifically designed for your eye condition, so you can get the most from their wear.  

Keratoconus: Keratoconus is an eye condition where the cornea of your eye gradually thins and bulges outward. People with keratoconus cannot wear traditional soft contacts due to the irregular shape of the cornea of their eye. If you have this condition, scleral contact lenses can help.

Astigmatism: Toric lenses are recommended to correct problems with astigmatism. Toric contacts come in soft and RGP designs to help you get the vision correction that you need.

Dry Eye: Dry eye is a condition where your eyes don’t produce enough tears to keep them moist. Conventional contacts can further aggravate this condition. Special hard to fit contact lenses are often recommended for people with dry eye so that they can wear them comfortably.

Get Eye Care and Hard to Fit Contacts from Our Eye Doctor on Our Optometry Team

Eye problems and conditions don’t have to keep you from enjoying the benefits of wearing contacts. To learn more about hard to fit specialty contacts and how they can benefit you, contact us at Andrew Stone Optometry, Columbia, MO, at (573) 277-4052. Our “Optometrists near me” is here to help.


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