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The goal at Andrew Stone Optometry is to give you the best possible vision care throughout your entire life. Sometimes this can be difficult finding a fit for your contact lenses. Or maybe you feel discomfort or even pain with your contact lenses. That's where we step in. You need an experienced optometrist that can discuss your different options with you when it comes to hard to fit contacts.

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Do You Have Problems with Your Contact Lenses?

Contacts are great for most people to wear most of the time, but sometimes you may notice that you have an eye condition that makes them hard to wear. Here are some reasons that you may need to be fitted for hard to fit contacts. 

Contact Lenses and Conditions Associated with Hard to Fit Contacts

    • Dry Eyes: an excessively dry eye can lead to burning and redness and blurred vision, causing your contact lenses to feel like they are a foreign object floating around in your eyes. 
    • Astigmatism: This happens when your eye develops a curve or bulge that will blur your vision and it can only be corrected by contact lenses created for astigmatism. 
    • Presbyopia: When your eyes start to have trouble focusing on things close up, you may be a candidate for hard to fit lenses. This condition often happens after you are 40 years old. 
    • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC): When the inside of your eyelid becomes inflamed and protein starts to build upon the lenses, this form of conjunctivitis can be helped by hard to fit contact lenses. 
    • Keratoconus: This uncommon occurrence is from a bulging and thinning cornea, making a cone shape in the eye. 

Solutions for Hard to Fit Contacts in Columbia, MO

If you still aren't sure about wearing contacts with these conditions, we completely understand; however, take a look at a few of the options that you have with our eye doctor in Columbia, MO. 

    • Gas Permeable: relieves symptoms of GPC or Keratoconus and limits buildup from both conditions.
    • Toric Lenses: lenses that align with the bulge of astigmatism.
    • Bifocal, Multifocal, and Monovision: lenses that allow you to be fitted to see distance and objects close up. 
    • Scleral Contacts: A type of gas-permeable lenses that are larger than traditional soft contact lenses. They will rest on the white of the eye (aka sclera). These lenses will correct irregular corneal shapes, prevent dry eyes, 
    • Medicated Eye Drops: medicated eye drops will help relieve dry eyes or even GPC.

Call Your Eye Doctor in Columbia, MO for Specialty Contact Lens Help. Let Andrew Stone Optometry be the optometrist that fits you for hard to fit contacts and give us a call at (573) 277-4052.

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