Sports Vision Treatment in Columbia, MO

Success in athletics isn't just about strength or speed. For many sports, the athlete will need sharp visual acuity and excellent hand-eye coordination. Athletes may find themselves declining in performance due to poor vision. That is where sports vision steps in.

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What is Sports Vision

Sports vision is a form of eye care that focuses on improving athletic eyesight. We recognize that athletes and sports players have specific needs that should be met. Sports care works to met those eye care needs.

Why Sports Vision is Important

Sports vision may be able to help you in the following ways:

  • Peripheral vision improvement. The right eye exercises will aid your side gaze ability.
  • Elimination of blurriness. Being able to see long distances helps in certain sporting activities.
  • Eye strength training exercises. These will improve your overall eyesight.
  • Depth perception. This is also known as binocular vision.
  • Visual processing speed. Your ability to quickly react will improve with this.
  • Visual tracking and focuses. Here you can learn how to hone in on certain visual tasks with expertise. 
  • Protective eyewear. The eye doctor can provide you with specialized eyewear designed to preserve your eye health. 

Eye Care Tips

An eye health specialist may be able to provide you with tips on how to maintain healthy and functional eyes. Eating nutritional meals, avoiding dry or arid environments, applying eye drops, and wearing protective eyewear can all aid in preserving good eye health.

Any eye expert will also tell you to visit an optometrist for regular examinations on an annual basis. Regular eye exams are great for preventive care, making sure that any eye health problems are detected early on. The earlier a health problem is detected, the quicker it can be dealt with in an efficient way. 

Contact Our Andrew Stone Optometry in Columbia, MO

Looking for some quality sports vision care in Columbia? Consider giving Andrew Stone Optometry a try. Andrew Stone Optometry is an eye care center that offers a variety of services. Sports vision one of our services.

We recognize how important it is for athletes to maintain excellent eye health. In our sports vision program, we will evaluate your eyesight ability, especially in relation to athletics. Our staff is capable of performing tests for visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and ocular alignment. Once your eyesight capabilities are properly assessed, we will do our best to come up with ways to improve your eyesight performance. To contact us about our sports vision program, please call us today at  (573) 445-7750. We'll answer any of your questions or comments regarding sports vision.

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