Cataract Care in Columbia, MO

Cataract Care from Our Optometrist in Columbia, MO

Living with cataracts can be like looking through windows that keep getting dirtier and dirtier. Changes in the proteins that inhabit the eyes' lenses can literally create a barrier between yourself and the outside world, making normal vision impossible. But this leading cause of blindness can be successfully treated throughout its various stages. Our optometrist in Columbia MO, Dr.Stone, can help you manage your cataract issues and optimize your eyesight.

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The Cloudy World of Cataracts

Cataracts are more frequently described as "cloudy" or "milky" in appearance. These formations consist of proteins which, under ideal circumstances, are spaced far enough apart to lend the eye's lens its customary transparency. Once these proteins start gathering together into solid masses, they limit the lenses' ability to relay incoming light to the retinas. This may cause people with cataracts to experience a reduction in nighttime vision or color perception. They may also struggle with blurred vision, sensitivity to glare, or odd-looking patterns around bright lights (which can make driving at night a hazardous undertaking). Untreated cataracts can eventually cause blindness.

Don't be surprised if you develop cataracts -- most people do. Nuclear cataracts, which develop in the front-center of the lens, typically start during middle age and progress throughout the senior years. Subcapsular cataracts (originating toward the rear of the lens) and cortical cataracts (which form spoke-like patterns) are more often triggered by steroid use, diabetes, or other specific circumstances. But any kind of cataracts can be aggravated or accelerated by excessive UV exposure or alcohol consumption, smoking, and other controllable factors.

Treatment for Cataracts at Andrew Stone Optometry

In some respects, cataracts are easier to treat than retinal eye diseases. For one thing, the slow-growing nature of nuclear cataracts means that many may suffer minimal vision problems for many years. Regular eye exams permit our optometrist in Columbia to chart cataracts' progress and adjust a person's corrective vision prescription to compensate for blurriness. (We can also fit for eyewear with coatings or tints that reduce glare.)

At the same time, we can recommend UV-blocking eyeglasses/ sunglasses and lifestyle changes that can help patients minimize the rate and extent of cataract growth. If a patient needs to have their cataracts surgically removed, we're happy to co-manage this fast, painless, easy route to crystal-clear vision.

Let our Columbia Optometrist Help You Optimize Your Eyesight

Every cloud has a silver lining -- and Andrew Stone Optometry is your silver lining when your vision is clouded by cataracts. Call (573) 445-7750 to schedule an eye exam and any necessary treatment from our optometrist in Columbia MO

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