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An Overview of Vision Therapy from Andrew Stone Optometry

When it comes to treatment for eye conditions, we have many options for you and your family. One of the tools that we can use to help our patients is called vision therapy. For those wondering what vision therapy is, this is a form of physical therapy; however, it focuses on the eyes and brains. It is an effective treatment for a variety of ocular conditions. This might even be able to help someone avoid surgery. For this reason, it is important for everyone to work with a trained eye doctor who has experience helping people through vision therapy. As a vision therapist in Columbia, MO, we at Andrew Stone Optometry advocate for the needs of our patients.

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What Conditions Can Vision Therapy Treat?

There are a variety of conditions that can be treated with vision therapy. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Lazy Eye: This is a condition where the brain focuses on information coming from one eye while neglecting the other eye.
  • Crossed Eyes: If the eyes are not even, this can make it hard for people to interpret images in the visual field. Vision therapy can correct this.
  • Double Vision: Also called diplopia, there are several reasons why someone might have diplopia. Once we identify the cause, we can treat it.
  • Convergence Issues: Convergence issues refer to problems the brain and eyes have when it comes to focusing on a single point in space. 
  • Learning and Reading Problems: Particularly in children, these issues are common. They often relate to vision. We can help with this.

What to Expect From Vision Therapy

When someone shows up for vision therapy, the goal is to put together a comprehensive program that is going to help the patient improve his or her ability to interpret his or her visual field. To that end, there are a few essential parts of this program. They include:

  • A progressive set of vision exercises is going to be established through which patients will work during an established period of time
  • These exercises are going to be performed under the supervision of a doctor and will be tailored to meet the needs of the patient
  • The patient will be expected to perform these exercises at home; however, they will also come to the office regularly
  • Patients should expect to see improvement over the course of weeks to months

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